We end our short journey to Hanoi with a Mexican dinner at the old quarter.


The bike pollution of old quarter as at morning 8 am.


Finally at airport to board our flight at 11am to Singapore.



Something we at not used to in Singapore, the long immigration queue but it was better than KLIA and Dubai terminal 1 airport immigration.


There she is our beautiful Singapore airlines waiting for boarding.


Our lunch at Singapore Airlines, we booked non-veg Hindu meals. Its good to pre book your meal if you have dietary restrictions.

In a nutshell, we enjoyed our trip to Hanoi. Primarily because we love travelling to new places. Vietnam has always been on our bucket list. We love Vietnamese food and was surprised to see the variety of International food available in Hanoi. All our meals in Hanoi from Star hotel to street food tasted great and yummy. If not for the food we don’t see repeating Hanoi as it is very crowded and the number of scams is just enough to strike it off the list.

With Love,


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