Day 2

Started with a good early breakfast at hotel, limited food but good enough to fill your morning appetite.

DSC_5036With Amaya, who really amused us

Our driver Bayu reached by 7:30. We made our own itinerary and asked our driver to just drive us there. Our short itinerary included Tangkuban Perahu (a stratovolcano to the north of the city), PTPN Tea plantation, Curug Cimahi, lunch at Kampung Daun and shopping. we kept limited places to visit as traffic in bandung is pretty bad.

We started our journey at 8 am. First stop was the volcano, good to go there early as later the mist will cover the mountains and we may not get good clicks. And it was not crowded early morning!

DSC_5068Market shops on the side of the Kawah ratu, not all shops were open early.

DSC_5096Banana fritters


Kawah Ratu or the queen’s crater is the biggest among many. It is active puffing up smoke and filling the air with a strong sulphur smell. Bring a mask with you incase if you cannot stand the smell.

GOPR0776A Selfie shot 😉

DSC_5112That is volcano ash and Sulphur stones collected by the villagers for sale

DSC_5144Bakit wood which is a unique tree bark  found only in Bandung.

DSC_5155I did my first horse riding.. that was 100k IDR (10SGD) for a 15 min ride.

DSC_5166   Yes I didn’t give Ajay a chance, took all the pics of mine with the horse!

DSC_5177A pine tree on the way

DSC_5179Our driver Bayu showing us how resin is extracted from Pine trees. This resin is widely used in turpentine.

DSC_5181This is coffee plant that is grown between the pine trees

DSC_5196Me under a cinnamon tree on the way to tree factory

DSC_5204The tea factory where 90% of the tea is exported and labelled outside as “Lipton”

DSC_5244Drying of tea leaves

DSC_5256Processing dried tea leaves to powder

DSC_52891Kg cost 3 cents(USD). That one sack is 54KG. Now you do the math!

DSC_5299Tasted just like Lipton tea




DSC_5336vast areas of tea plantation owned by the government.


DSC_5356Us in the midst of tea plantation


DSC_5374On the way we stopped at a local fruit shop and picked some avacados for 10k (1SGD). They are hugeee!!

DSC_5376Juicy Grapefruits1 SGD for 1

DSC_5385Curug Cimahi or Rainbow Waterfall




DSC_5440We went down 600 steps to the foot of the waterfall and climbing up took us 30 mins


DSC_5469He and his family were there all the way you should be careful of your belongings

After climbing up and down 600 steps we were really exhausted and that called us for a heavy lunch so we decided to stop at Kampung Daun.

DSC_5529Kampung Daun is a traditional Indonesian restaurant located beside a mountain. The ambience here is unique and the food is yummy.


DSC_5503We had this place for ourselves for our lunch

DSC_5508He with our driver Bayu


DSC_5542Ci Hideung is a flower village. All the villagers live by selling flowering plants and trees.



DSC_5565On the way back we stopped at a Kartikasari, a famous bakery to pick some local tid bits, not cheap though.


As I said it was my birthday trip. Ajay had been planning way before about this and  surprised me on the night. One of my most memorable birthdays ever!